Feed additives

Morocco, with a coastline of more than 3,500 km, is located next to one of the four main upwelling zones in the world, the greatest fish-producing areas of the global ocean.

Morocco occupies Africa’s leading place in sardines catching and high-quality natural fishmeal, fish oil production – the indispensable additives for a balanced diet of feeding animals and aquaculture, natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

Fishmeal is one of the best natural sources of high-grade proteins of animal origin in compound feedstuff. In turn, fish oil contains essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Both products together contribute to the optimal development of growth and increase in the birth rate of animals and aquacultures, strengthening their immune system.

Univela Morocco is a specialized supplier of Moroccan natural fishmeal and fish oil, our products are of the highest quality and meet world standards and veterinary requirements.

We offer our customers the best prices, ensuring the quality conformance to the requirements in accordance with specifications, providing a stable supply throughout the entire year and developing effective solutions on logistics costs.