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We offer you only quality products from Morocco.
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About Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco bringing together the crossroads of the African and European continents and major seaways. The country's leadership is encouraging the growth of economy and increasing the export volumes at the national level.

Univela Morocco can be Your trusted partner in the wholesale supply of goods originated in Morocco. We are focused on long-term cooperation. This means no surprises.

We are always one step ahead of the competition in delivering the goods to our customers safely and without delay. It all becomes possible due to our longstanding experience, expert knowledge of the goods, insight of the local market’s, internal quality control and modern and bespoke approach to business.

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We offer a quality and wide range of goods



The reasons why you should choose us

  1. We offer you a product free from additional overheads with minimum contingent tariffs and logistics costs, without intermediaries and commissions.
  2. The quality is our cornerstone. With Univela Morocco, you always get exactly the quality you are paying for.
  3. We will offer you the best price regardless of the quantum of your order,– you can buy even the minimum lots at the prices of major wholesalers. We offer additional discounts and benefits for our loyal Customers.
  4. You will be offered a widest choice of payment terms – bank letters of credit, deferred payments, trade credit insurance, financial backing, etc. Make a payment at the time and way it is suitable for You.
  5. We have a broad variety of commodities chosen from the best offers in Morocco. Your personal manager will ensure a quick selection of the right product; no need to waste Your time any longer.
  6. We know the specifics of the local market; our experience will help to Protect you from unforeseen situations, financial losses and unpleasant surprises.
  7. Our qualified experts will take care of all Your wishes; we will offer the services of the level you are accustomed to.
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