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About Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco bringing together the crossroads of the African and European continents and major seaways. The country's leadership is encouraging the growth of economy and increasing the export volumes at the national level.

Univela Morocco can be Your trusted partner in the wholesale supply of goods originated in Morocco. We are focused on long-term cooperation. This means no surprises.

We are always one step ahead of the competition in delivering the goods to our customers safely and without delay. It all becomes possible due to our longstanding experience, expert knowledge of the goods, insight of the local market’s, internal quality control and modern and bespoke approach to business.

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We offer a quality and wide range of goods

Moroccan cost waters are exceptionally plentiful in fish so it is quite natural that the country holds the leading place among the African countries in the amount of fish being caught. Nowadays fish from Morocco is exported in different countries, including the EU zone. We sell fish to our customers directly being not the third party but a direct seller, so you can be sure in quality and our reputation in the market.  

A couple of words about Moroccan fishing industry

Among all the areas the most important one in terms of the amount of catches and the connected infrastructure is the Atlantic zone in the very south of the country. The fishing area, located along the Mediterranean coast of Morocco is also very rich catches and supplies the kingdom with different kinds of fish. It is exported and used inside of the country for inner needs and as a food supplement for the people. This phenomenon is caused by natural biological changes in the Mediterranean Sea, the Moroccan coast of which in recent years has been most favorable for schools of fish and their reproduction. So not Morocco is one of the most promising areas of fishing so the economic life in the industry is developing fast in comparison with the earlier years.   Morocco has an economic fishing zone of 200 nautical miles with an area of ​​1.1 million square kilometers, the potential of which is estimated at 1.6 million tons of catches per year. More than a half of the potential resources are pelagic fish species - sardines, anchovies, mackerel and horse mackerel, whose stocks vary annually depending on the climate. Geographically, Morocco's fish stocks are divided into 3 zones: the Atlantic zone south of Laayoune (65% of the reserves), the Atlantic zone north of Laayoune (32% of the reserves) and the Mediterranean - 3%.   With a fishing fleet of more than 3 thousand units, Morocco provides an annual catch of almost a 900 thousand tons, of which two-thirds are exported. Morocco is Africa's largest producer and exporter of frozen fish. Being a direct seller we keep an eye on the quality of the fish to be exported to our clients around the world as far we value our reputation and are focused on establishing long-term relationship with the customers.  

Why to order frozen fish

Surely if you are about to buy fish, the most efficient way is to order and get it frozen. It can reduce the expenses and provides better quality of the final product after being delivered. The minimum amount to be ordered is one container, as far we are a direct seller and we work with big amounts only.   Frozen fish from Morocco is now a sign of quality as far it provides most of the income to the economics of the country. The seafood processing industry has more than 300 freezing vessels and almost the same number of enterprises. It has an annual turnover of 7 billion dirh. and accounts for 15% of all Moroccan exports and 50% of food exports. Onshore enterprises produce canned, semi-canned, frozen, sold fresh fish, prepared fishmeal, fat and processed seaweed. Most refrigerators are concentrated in Agadir and Dakhla.  

The fish we sell: choose and order!

There is a lot of kinds of fish exported from Morocco but the most popular are sardines and mackerel. However, sardines form almost 75% of all the fish to be caught and this fish is the main one to be exported as well. We export fish to all our clients almost at once after it comes to the facilities and is ready for transferring, so we can guarantee that we provide you with a product of quality.
  • Sardines are unique – they are not just rich in elements and useful for our health. They do not absorb the polluting elements which makes this fish one of the best options for balancing nutrition and covering the needs in elements for healthy and productive life. Moreover, it is easy to digest so even old people and children are advised to include it in the everyday menu. After freezing sardines keep all the set of useful elements, such as Omega-3, proteins and phosphorus. When you decide to buy frozen fish please note that we work with the customers directly as a seller and the minimum order is one container of fish ready to use. We do not work with small lots as far we are a huge company having a good name as a reliable partner for international trade
  • We sell frozen fish of different kinds, not just the most popular sardines, though they provide most of the income form the export. Maceral is the second one in popularity among our customers and the second fish in value in Moroccan fishing industry. Being rich in omega-3 and proteins, it is advised as a good additional food supplement for people living in big cities and for those who want to have their nutrition well balanced. However, omega-3 is a true gem, helping to balance the level of hormones and optimize metabolism. Moroccan mackerel is saturated with vitamins and minerals making it unique in health value. If you want to import fish but are not sure which one to choose, maceral is a good option to start with. Our support managers will answer all the questions regarding the matter and provide you with the best deals as far we trade directly and monitor the market situation on everyday basis.
  • We can offer you sardinella as well, which differs from sardines in better meat and larger size. Sardinella is unique – being frozen and even smoked it still stores its properties and remains a source of needed minerals and vitamins. This fish is also known for it’s being rich in sodium and phosphorus. According to the statistics, it contains the biggest amount of phosphorus among the fish used in everyday diet. So sardinella is a good option if you are looking for the fish, which stores its qualities even being frozen.
  • Horse-mackerel is known for its tender and soft meat. It is good for cooking, as far the meat stays soft and juicy even after frying; however, this fish has no small bones. It makes horse-mackerel suitable for children and elders. It is one of the reasons why more and more customers choose it as a main lot for ordering. The minion amount you can buy is one container. So if you have a family-oriented business and provide goods for everyday diet, horse-mackerel is definitely the option you should consider if you are about to import frozen fish. We provide a lot of options and it is up to you to decide. Just keep in mind that it is possible to order just one container for the try.
  • Dentex and Dorade is another fish, extremely valuable because of it’s properties. This fish is recommended to be used when fast rehabilitation is need or when someone lives in constant stress. Fatty acids which are presented in meat in big qualities burst the barrier functions of the cells, help to reduce the impact of the stress and burst the immune system. All these factors are the ones of importance for people living in big cities under the constant pressure.
  • Red Mullet is a product with exceptional values for people living an active life. It is very easy to digest, however it helps to restore the strength and improve the immune system while consumed on everyday basis. In spite of the size this fish is valued in Mediterranean cuisine and restaurants are eager to buy it in big amounts as far the meat is considered to be one of the best for cooking. While choosing the fish to order, especially if you have a couple of options in mind and your customers are mostly restaurants, take a closer look to his fish as far it has exceptional qualities for cooking.
  • If you want to import fish suitable for any case and good for all possible ways of cooking, pay closer attention to bonito. Its meat is similar to the one of stripped tuna but less fatty. But if you have different customers with different needs and do not work with one particular group, bonito is a good option to provide fish, suitable for almost any need. It is good even being frozen because of its diet which is rather predatory one. So if you need fish good for any dish and suitable for the big range of the customers from casual families to the restaurants, consider ordering bonito for the start and after you can always choose another fish for your further orders.
  • Even ten years ago sole fish was available only for the upper class, but nowadays anyone can taste it and enjoy the meat of the highest quality. Another advantage - the absence of small bones and low-fat meat. It makes sole fish one of the favorite ones in the European cuisine, Italian in particular, where this fish is cooked in wine or served in souse. The main advantage of Atlantic sole fish in comparison with other fish is that it is not saturated with heavy metals and is absolutely safe to eat. Now, when more and more people all around the world are thinking about their health and want to consume food of high quality this point can become a nail of your own offers.
  • If you are looking for the fish easy to cook, having fatty meat and popular in different cuisines, ribbon fish is what you need. This fish has almost no bones, and its meat possesses all the qualities needed to become one of the most popular fish for everyday diet all around the world. We export frozen fish of different kinds and ribbon fish remains one of the most popular options among our loyal customers around the globe.
  • Bait fish is also provided. We offer best prices for the whole mackerel, sardines and other kinds of fish to be used as bait food. When we are talking about the best prices and the sale, frozen fish remains of a good quality, so do not worry about it. We value our reputation and relations with our customers. It is one of the main reasons why we pay a lot of attention to the quality control. Our task is to provide you with the goods required by your own customers and offer you the best pricing. One of the reasons why our deals are the best ones indeed is that we do not work with the third parties and offer you the pricing without additional amount, charged by intermediaries. However out logistic center do its best to reduce costs connected with the logistic issues, so the final price is always better than the one in other places.
  If you are looking for an opportunity to work with the direct seller without any third parties and get the frozen fish of high quality and appropriate prices - feel free to get in touch with us. Our support managers are always ready to answer all your questions and find the best deals available. Our priority - long term relations with customers, so we are open to collaboration and fruitful work.
Seafood is an essential component of the human diet. It is marine life that contains a number of useful elements: phosphorus, amino acids, iron, and other substances. Today, you can buy marine products even in cities that do not have a sea nearby. However, not every seller guarantees  the quality and usefulness of products. Therefore, you should trust reputable suppliers who have proven themselves in the best way.   If you want to buy seafood from Morocco in bulk, we recommend that you do not search for a supplier, but immediately contact the company «Univela Morocco». Here you will find a diverse catalog of the most useful seafood, from which every buyer will find the right products. Fill out a short form right now and get sea products at a good price!   And now let us talk about how the delivery of products is carried out, what substances are rich in seafood, why it is profitable to cooperate with us.  

Benefits of marine products for humans

Today, thousands species of marine life are known, each of them has unique properties and  particular value to humans. Some can impress with delicious taste, others-utility. And some seafood combines two qualities in one. Choosing our company that offers export seafood from Morocco, you get the following useful microelements, vitamins and minerals:
  • proteins;
  • omega-3;
  • vitamins B3, B6, B12;
  • iodine;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • manganese;
  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • selenium.
  And this is not an exhaustive list. Several dozen more useful substances are waiting for you. It is enough to buy seafood in our company right now.   In addition to the presence of useful microelements, the absence of any contaminants and slags can be highlighted. High-quality marine products do not contain pollutants, and therefore will be an excellent option for a balanced diet and help to keep shape. By including octopuses, shrimps, or fish in your diet, you will forget about the heaviness in your stomach. After all, they are easily digested, which is why they are eaten by old people and children.   In addition, after freezing, the product does not lose its usefulness. It also preserves the benefits. And if you want to order import seafood, it's time to do it now!  

How to determine the quality of marine products?

It is quite simple to determine how much quality food was sold to you. To do this, follow a few tips. First, frozen seafood always retains its useful qualities and characteristic delicate taste. If a fish or squid has been caught recently, a small layer of mucus is characteristic, without smell or color.   You can find out if the product is fresh by clicking on the back or some part of the case. If the dent quickly disappeared, the seller's integrity can not be doubted. We are sure that if you become our client, you will be surprised by the freshness of sea products and the most delicate taste. Serving a dish of octopus, squid or cuttlefish will be a big surprise for the whole family. And the owners of cafes and restaurants will be able to add new exotic dishes to the menu.  

Working with us is a pleasure

As mentioned, the sale of seafood is carried out in all countries of the world. However, not every seller guarantees for the characteristic properties and safety of the product. While usingus, you will enjoy the benefits of products and timely delivery. Having said that, we have our own number of advantages:
  1. Affordable price. We contact our clients personally, which means that we do not make unreasonable price surcharges.
  2. Loyalty. We regularly offer great discounts and promotions. You can buy a minimum of goods at wholesale prices.
  3. Quality. When ordering products presented in our catalog, you get the best quality at a low cost.
  4. Experience. The best managers and consultants will help you decide on the choice of products, because we are professionals in our field.
  5. Variety. A large list of marine products will allow each buyer to make a choice.
  6. Reliability. Unexpected situations, delivery delays, money losses – all this is definitely not about us.
  7. Convenient payment. You can pay with a Bank card, transfer to an e-wallet or in cash.
  This is only a few  reasons why you need to order import seafood from Morocco from the supplier «Univela Morocco». If you run a personal business selling marine products at retail, run a restaurant with a marine meals, or just want to please yourself and your loved ones with delicious food, it's time to do it by contacting professionals!   Special attention should be paid to delivery. Respect for traditions is an integral part of our business. Therefore, export seafood carried out by water transport by sea. The minimum order is one container of any product that you will find in our range.   Still thinking where to buy the best products from the sea at competitive prices? «Univela Morocco» is waiting for you! Fill out the application form on the company's website, specifying your name, phone number and email address, and get a quick response from competent managers. We guarantee quality and affordable price!
Canned fish is an essential element in the human diet. It is used to prepare various dishes, it is served with potatoes and rice, or it is used without a side dish. Canned fish is a convenient, practical and useful product. Moroccan fish can boast of special differences. It has the most delicate taste and is considered one of the best in the world.   The history of the appearance of this product is quite extensive. Since a few thousand years ago, people tried to save food for a long time. The first canned food was found in Tutankhamun's tomb. It was a duck fried in olive oil, which retained its properties until the time of excavation.   Over time, the technology of production of canned fish has moved beyond Egypt, and today we are seeing a great popularity of this product. You can find canned fish in any store, but not every seller guarantees the high quality. If you want to buy canned fish, entrust it to a reliable exporter-the company «Univela Morocco». We make great offers for regular wholesale customers and new customers. Call us right now to order delivery of high-quality marine products at a favorable price!  

The benefits of canned fish

Some consumers believe that the constant use of canned fish in food is harmful to health. Nutritionists say the opposite: canned food is an excellent valuable addition to the human diet. Let's try to figure out who is right.   The composition of the product includes a whole list of useful vitamins and trace elements. The main role in canned food is played by protein, which takes 18.5 grams per 100 grams of fish. There are no carbohydrates at all or they are contained in minimal amounts. Then there are fats, the value of which reaches 2 grams. Calorie content is equal to 88 calories. We see that protein is of primary importance.   Interesting fact! Various small fish are used in the production of sprats. Often smoked sprat or saury, placed in tin cans and pour olive oil.   During the war, canned food was the main element in the soldier's diet. Today, they are regularly consumed by military personnel of marine, amphibious, and tank forces.   Many people say that canned fish is absolutely useless, because during roasting it loses all useful vitamins and minerals. In fact, this is not quite true. During production, only the initial composition of the fish changes. Later, scientists learned that canned food is much more useful than fried, boiled or frozen fish.   A distinctive characteristic of canned fish is the presence of the following useful trace elements:
  • vitamins B2, B6, C, PP;
  • pyridoxine;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • nicotinic acid.
It also contains calcium, iron, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and chlorine. All of them have a beneficial effect on the human body, especially phosphorus. Fish includes a lot of protein, which produces the building material for the reproduction of body cells. And the fish oil found in these products will be useful for people of all ages.   In the production of our fish, we use the best ingredients: high-quality sunflower and olive oils, rich spices and seasonings, chili peppers, tomato paste, Basil, salad leaves, and more. You can choose the desired product from the existing catalog, or you can create your own product with us according to your recipe. We will make delicious canned food and deliver them to you as quickly as possible. And you can enjoy delicate and fresh products that will definitely please you.   If you need to import canned fish from Morocco, the importing company «Univela Morocco» is happy to offer profitable solutions! We will be happy to select high-quality products for you, make the best route and deliver the order as soon as possible. To place an order, get advice or learn more about us, call or fill out the callback form on the website.  

Combination with other food products

Canned fish has gained great popularity and demand, because they are combined with many dishes and side dishes. They are eaten with vegetables, and therefore often prepare salads with canned food. Often this product is the main component of a cold snack.   However, it is necessary to approach the consumption of canned food with caution if there are some deviations from normal health. Also, do not abuse this fish during pregnancy or breast-feeding, as this will affect the composition of the milk. And after opening the jar, you should not store the fish for a long time.  

Who needs import canned fish

As mentioned above, canned food can be found in any grocery store. But real connoisseurs of quality want to see the best food on the table. Good canned fish are divided into several types depending on the type of production:
  • natural in its juice;
  • in tomato sauce;
  • vegetable canned food;
  • in oil;
  • plates and pastes;
  • dietary;
  • for baby food.
  Among such a large selection, consumers will definitely buy the right products. So, the most frequent customers of our company are the owners of large restaurants, cafes and shops. They make up more than 70% of the total number of customers. By purchasing products from us, you will not only diversify the menu, but also please visitors with delicious dishes that include canned fish.   If you are looking for an export company for sale canned fish, our company will be happy to help you choose delicious and fresh products. The minimum order for any goods is one container. We adhere to the Moroccan traditions, and therefore we make delivery only by sea.  

What we offer

The company «Univela Morocco» offers export canned fish. We will be your most reliable partner throughout the entire period of cooperation. The main specialization of our company is the processing and delivery of a rich variety of canned fish from Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania. Our key advantage is responsible in the selection of products. That's why we guarantee that only the best gifts of the oceans and seas will get to your table. We will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. After all, the experience in the field of production and supply is more than ten years.   In addition to canned food in the catalog of our company customers will find the following products:
  • frozen fish;
  • sea product;
  • semi-finished fish products;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • construction tree;
  • feed additive;
  • polymers.
  Each product is thoroughly inspected and certified before going on a trip. Only after receiving the necessary documents, high-quality products are delivered to the customer. This once again confirms the great experience and professionalism of the company «Univela Morocco», which offers export canned fish from Morocco.  

Our advantage

If you trust our company, you can be sure of high service and loyalty. We differ from other suppliers of marine products due to the following advantages:
  1. Sales managers, who are professionals in their field, will do everything possible to meet the needs of the client in full.
  2. A wide catalog of delicious and high-quality products will allow any customer to choose the right product for any purpose and tasks.
  3. Transactions are supported by a contract. You will definitely not be overtaken by unexpected expenses, delivery delays and other various problems.
  4. All types of payment, including Bank cards, mobile transfers, cash and letters of credit, are offered by the reliable company «Univela Morocco».
  5. No matter what volume of goods you need, we will still offer the best price so that you can buy at the prices of large wholesalers.
  6. High product quality. We value our own reputation, so the range includes certified products.
  7. For regular loyal customers, we have regular discounts and promotions that will help you feel real support and work with masters.
  We are always one step ahead of the competition. Because of this, we are trusted and chosen by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. During the year, we export more than ten thousand tons of our own products. And if you are thinking about where to order canned fish from Morocco, trust the professionals!   We always tell our new clients about the history of our development and bring them up to date. This makes us more loyal, so we are always on the same page with customers. Another advantage of «Univela Morocco» is the possibility of its own branding. If you need a large batch of goods, we will offer various packaging options using your personal brand or your company's brand.  

Current production technologies and culinary secrets today make the life of Housewives and cooks much easier. The time spent on cooking should be the least, and the taste of the dish should be excellent. We are sure that many people adhere to this principle. If you don't want to spend a lot of time preparing a delicious dish, the best solution is to choose precooked fish.   Fish semi-finished products are a great solution for those who want to eat delicious food as quickly as possible. These are products that have already been subjected to primary processing, but need further final processing to become suitable for consumption. In simple terms, these are foods that make the cooking process quick, easy and enjoyable.   Today, semi-finished products are found in almost any refrigerator in every home. And if you want to buy precooked fish, you can do it in one of the best companies «Univela Morocco». We have been exporting products for many years. During this time, we managed to deliver hundreds of thousands of tons of high-quality products: fish, vegetables, fruits, wood, canned food.   To place an order, get expert advice, calculate the cost of services or find out more about our company, call us +212 528 21 76 44 or fill out the callback form on our website.  

Features of semi-finished products

Each semi-finished product is a real masterpiece of cooking, which is at the stage of incomplete readiness. Often these products are cut in special ways carcasses without bones and other elements that are not suitable for consumption. Also attributed to this product are cutlets, portion products and food divided into small pieces.   Simple and complex products fall into one huge category. The most popular products are pitted, which are cut into fillets that are easy to cook. Often on the shelves in the store you can find cutlets, minced fish and other food products.  


Precooked fish from Morocco has many advantages over other foods. Among them are the following:
  • such products are in high demand among customers;
  • semi-finished products simplify the cooking process and reduce time;
  • fish semi-finished products are available for purchase at any time of the year;
  • any culinary masterpiece can be prepared using the product.
Choosing such foods, you will enjoy not only less time spent on cooking, but also a refined taste. Even more fun is the fact that the food is prepared independently, which means that it will be even more pleasant to eat it.   However, do not forget that not every seafood is of high quality. You need to choose proven companies that have a positive reputation and regular customers. To get high-quality fish semi-finished products, we recommend contacting our company. Here you will find a wide range of products for every occasion!  

Benefits of half-finished seafood

Semi-finished fish products are excellent and versatile foods that can be included in the diet in a variety of ways. The undoubted advantage is that today these products are available to every buyer due to reasonable prices. But now we offer to talk about the value of half-finished fish products for humans.   Let's start with the fact that any fish semi-finished product includes natural fish in its composition. This means that consuming such food, the body is receiving a rich list of vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B12, A, D. Among other micro elements, you can select:
  • iodine;
  • bromine;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • sodium;
  • sulfur.
As well as fluorine, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum and many other useful substances. Some of them are an integral part of the human body. Others have a positive effect on development, support the figure and health, improve the immune system and well-being.   If you include at least 200 grams of fish in your daily diet, you will get valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. They are part of brain cells and are the building material for cell membranes. Phosphorus has a positive effect on the nervous system. And iodine has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system.   We can talk about the benefits of seafood for hours. But the conclusion is one-fish, including fish semi-finished products, must be present in the human diet. To get really high-quality products, it is important to choose a proven company. If you need import precooked fish from Morocco, trust to company «Univela Morocco». We guarantee quality and competitive price!  

We offer

The company «Univela Morocco» offers import the precooked fish. Our company is one of the largest food exporters. Among the wide list of semi-finished products, buyers will find the following products:
  • burger kebab;
  • fish burger;
  • fish fingers;
  • fish nuggets;
  • pre-fried frozen;
  • fishball nature.
  We offer our customers a large list of semi-finished products consisting of fish of the best breeds. All products presented in the catalog are made from high-quality fresh meat.   During the production process, we adhere to all rules and regulations, and therefore we are responsible for ensuring that the best food will get to your table. If you defrost the fish, they will retain the same taste and smell of freshness. You can prepare your favorite dish immediately after defrosting. We assure you that the food from our products will definitely appeal to every member of the family!  

Our advantage

Morocco is a well-knownKingdom located in Africa. This country is a leader in catching fresh fish. Well-developed methods of fishing, careful selection of fish and careful storage in the right conditions allow our company to be in the list of the most reliable suppliers of Moroccan products at any time of the year.   A significant part of «Univela Morocco» business is to sell precooked fish. Every year, we import tens of thousands of tons of fresh and high-quality products to various countries. Therefore, we are trusted by thousands of customers, each of whom pursues its own goals and objectives.   By contacting us, you will be confident in the reliability and high level of service. We are distinguished from similar companies by the following list of advantages:
  1. We work directly with clients, which means that we do not make unreasonable price allowances.
  2. Working with us, you always get the quality for which you pay.
  3. No matter what order you place – we will offer the best price as for wholesalers.
  4. Our catalog consists of various products – you will definitely find the right product!
  5. Favorable payment terms: card, cash transfer, installments, letters of credit.
  6. The transaction is signed by the contract, which means that you will not be overtaken by unexpected expenses.
  7. Experienced managers will guide you on the terms of cooperation and select the product.
  If you need to export precooked fish from Morocco, and you want to cooperate on favorable terms, our company is waiting for you! For a long time we have been engaged in export precooked fish and delight customers with high-quality food products.   In addition, you will find frozen and canned fish, fruits and vegetables, construction wood, feed additives and polymers. Call us right now on the phone +212 528 21 76 44 to start working with a trusted supplier!


The reasons why you should choose us

  1. We offer you a product free from additional overheads with minimum contingent tariffs and logistics costs, without intermediaries and commissions.
  2. The quality is our cornerstone. With Univela Morocco, you always get exactly the quality you are paying for.
  3. We will offer you the best price regardless of the quantum of your order,– you can buy even the minimum lots at the prices of major wholesalers. We offer additional discounts and benefits for our loyal Customers.
  4. You will be offered a widest choice of payment terms – bank letters of credit, deferred payments, trade credit insurance, financial backing, etc. Make a payment at the time and way it is suitable for You.
  5. We have a broad variety of commodities chosen from the best offers in Morocco. Your personal manager will ensure a quick selection of the right product; no need to waste Your time any longer.
  6. We know the specifics of the local market; our experience will help to Protect you from unforeseen situations, financial losses and unpleasant surprises.
  7. Our qualified experts will take care of all Your wishes; we will offer the services of the level you are accustomed to.
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High-quality food is the key to a healthy lifestyle and a good body shape. Nutritionists strongly recommend including marine products (fish, octopus, squid, semi-finished products), as well as fruits and vegetables in the diet. In order for seafood to benefit the human body, it must be caught in clean reservoirs where there is no industrial waste. That is why buyers often choose import from Morocco to supply high-quality products.


Export company «Univela Morocco» is pleased to offer customers high-quality Moroccan food products. We are a team of professionals who specializes in direct deliveries of goods from Morocco. On our website you will find a wide range of delicious and healthy food products, including frozen and canned fish, seafood, feed additives, polymers, and more.


If you want to become a client of «Univela Morocco» and use our services, please call us by phone or fill out the feedback form to connect with the Manager.


Advantages of working with us

The Kingdom of Morocco connects the trade routes of many countries. The country representatives seek to increase sales and exports in order to increase the growth of the national economy. With our company, customers do not have to look for reliable partners, because the company «Univela Morocco» has already found you! We do not believe that the main priority in working with us should be large sales. We look forward to long-term and fruitful work, which means that customers are not expecting any unforeseen situations.


By contacting us, you can be sure of the quality of our services, because we have our own list of advantages that distinguish us from other companies:

  1. We have been working for more than 15 years. During this time, we received a lot of positive feedback and have regular customers who recommend us to everyone.
  2. The total volume of exports over the past year amounted to more than 20,000 tons. This means that our import company in Morocco is focused on results and guarantees fast delivery.
  3. Guaranteed quality. Each product is thoroughly tested before being sold so that the customer gets exactly what they are paying for.
  4. High service level. You will immediately receive favorable offers from our managers, leaving a request for the purchase of products.
  5. Offered at competitive prices. We work directly with customers, we have favorable rates for transportation, so we offer favorable prices.
  6. Discounts and promotions. For regular customers, «Univela Morocco» offers excellent discounts and frequent promotions on our products.
  7. Convenient payment. We offer a variety of payment methods (card, Bank transfer, cash), as well as installments.
  8. Wide choice. The catalog of our company presents a variety of products from which you will definitely make your choice!


And this is only a fewadvantages of the export company in Morocco «Univela Morocco». So call us right now to start working with a reliable supplier!


Our products

If you are the owner of a large restaurant and decided to diversify your menu, you are probably interested in learning about the products that we offer. The country is famous for its spacious deep-water areas, which are home to many marine inhabitants. From a large number of sea life, we offer export from Morocco of the following products:

  • frozen fish (sardine, mackerel, sea tongue);
  • seafood (octopus, cuttlefish, squid);
  • canned fish (sardine, mackerel);
  • semi-finished fish products (fish Burger, nuggets);
  • fruit (Mandarin Nova, orange navel, grapefruit);
  • vegetables (chili peppers, sweet peppers, beans, tomatoes);
  • feed additives (fish oil, fish meal).

You can also buy wood: construction wood, pallets, OSB lumber, and many other products. We adhere to traditions, so we deliver our products only by sea. The minimum order for any goods is one container. You can purchase a minimum number of different products at the price of large wholesale buyers. Therefore, entrust the matter to professionals – the company «Univela Morocco»!


How to determine the quality of the fish offered?

As mentioned before, in order for marine products to benefit the body, they must be caught exclusively in clean seas. Waters of Morocco are just characterized by environmental friendliness. Fish must be properly stored, have the appropriate certificates, and transported according to certain technical requirements. Our company offers customers only fresh gifts of the seas and oceans at affordable prices.


There are several ways to determine the quality of the fish that the supplier offers:

  • a good product retains its useful properties and delicate taste;
  • recently caught seafood has a fine layer of mucus;
  • by pressing on the body of the fish, the dent should instantly disappear;
  • the gills of fresh fish should be red or pink.


If you contact us, you can be sure that the table will get fresh and high-quality fish that will saturate the body with useful vitamins and minerals. You can order a large batch of marine products for your family, or you can arrange delivery for a restaurant or cafe. In both cases, you get high-quality products that meet all the requirements.


Choose a reliable supplier

The import company «Univela Morocco» –means reliability, guarantee of the highest quality, compliance with delivery times and loyalty to customers. Choosing us, you get a reliable supplier for long-term and fruitful cooperation. To contact us, just fill in the fields in the feedback form: name, phone number, email address and name of your company.


We are sure that you, like many other entrepreneurs, are looking for a reputable supplier of seafood, fish, fruits and vegetables. And we know for sure that in the face of our company you will find a reliable partner for your business! Entrust the selection and delivery of products to professionals – «Univela Morocco»!