Canned fish

Canned fish is an essential element in the human diet. It is used to prepare various dishes, it is served with potatoes and rice, or it is used without a side dish. Canned fish is a convenient, practical and useful product. Moroccan fish can boast of special differences. It has the most delicate taste and is considered one of the best in the world.


The history of the appearance of this product is quite extensive. Since a few thousand years ago, people tried to save food for a long time. The first canned food was found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. It was a duck fried in olive oil, which retained its properties until the time of excavation.


Over time, the technology of production of canned fish has moved beyond Egypt, and today we are seeing a great popularity of this product. You can find canned fish in any store, but not every seller guarantees the high quality. If you want to buy canned fish, entrust it to a reliable exporter-the company «Univela Morocco». We make great offers for regular wholesale customers and new customers. Call us right now to order delivery of high-quality marine products at a favorable price!


The benefits of canned fish

Some consumers believe that the constant use of canned fish in food is harmful to health. Nutritionists say the opposite: canned food is an excellent valuable addition to the human diet. Let’s try to figure out who is right.


The composition of the product includes a whole list of useful vitamins and trace elements. The main role in canned food is played by protein, which takes 18.5 grams per 100 grams of fish. There are no carbohydrates at all or they are contained in minimal amounts. Then there are fats, the value of which reaches 2 grams. Calorie content is equal to 88 calories. We see that protein is of primary importance.


Interesting fact! Various small fish are used in the production of sprats. Often smoked sprat or saury, placed in tin cans and pour olive oil.


During the war, canned food was the main element in the soldier’s diet. Today, they are regularly consumed by military personnel of marine, amphibious, and tank forces.


Many people say that canned fish is absolutely useless, because during roasting it loses all useful vitamins and minerals. In fact, this is not quite true. During production, only the initial composition of the fish changes. Later, scientists learned that canned food is much more useful than fried, boiled or frozen fish.


A distinctive characteristic of canned fish is the presence of the following useful trace elements:

  • vitamins B2, B6, C, PP;
  • pyridoxine;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • nicotinic acid.

It also contains calcium, iron, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and chlorine. All of them have a beneficial effect on the human body, especially phosphorus. Fish includes a lot of protein, which produces the building material for the reproduction of body cells. And the fish oil found in these products will be useful for people of all ages.


In the production of our fish, we use the best ingredients: high-quality sunflower and olive oils, rich spices and seasonings, chili peppers, tomato paste, Basil, salad leaves, and more. You can choose the desired product from the existing catalog, or you can create your own product with us according to your recipe. We will make delicious canned food and deliver them to you as quickly as possible. And you can enjoy delicate and fresh products that will definitely please you.


If you need to import canned fish from Morocco, the importing company «Univela Morocco» is happy to offer profitable solutions! We will be happy to select high-quality products for you, make the best route and deliver the order as soon as possible. To place an order, get advice or learn more about us, call or fill out the callback form on the website.


Combination with other food products

Canned fish has gained great popularity and demand, because they are combined with many dishes and side dishes. They are eaten with vegetables, and therefore often prepare salads with canned food. Often this product is the main component of a cold snack.


However, it is necessary to approach the consumption of canned food with caution if there are some deviations from normal health. Also, do not abuse this fish during pregnancy or breast-feeding, as this will affect the composition of the milk. And after opening the jar, you should not store the fish for a long time.


Who needs import canned fish

As mentioned above, canned food can be found in any grocery store. But real connoisseurs of quality want to see the best food on the table. Good canned fish are divided into several types depending on the type of production:

  • natural in its juice;
  • in tomato sauce;
  • vegetable canned food;
  • in oil;
  • plates and pastes;
  • dietary;
  • for baby food.


Among such a large selection, consumers will definitely buy the right products. So, the most frequent customers of our company are the owners of large restaurants, cafes and shops. They make up more than 70% of the total number of customers. By purchasing products from us, you will not only diversify the menu, but also please visitors with delicious dishes that include canned fish.


If you are looking for an export company for sale canned fish, our company will be happy to help you choose delicious and fresh products. The minimum order for any goods is one container. We adhere to the Moroccan traditions, and therefore we make delivery only by sea.


What we offer

The company «Univela Morocco» offers export canned fish. We will be your most reliable partner throughout the entire period of cooperation. The main specialization of our company is the processing and delivery of a rich variety of canned fish from Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania. Our key advantage is responsible in the selection of products. That’s why we guarantee that only the best gifts of the oceans and seas will get to your table. We will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. After all, the experience in the field of production and supply is more than ten years.


In addition to canned food in the catalog of our company customers will find the following products:

  • frozen fish;
  • sea product;
  • semi-finished fish products;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • construction tree;
  • feed additive;
  • polymers.


Each product is thoroughly inspected and certified before going on a trip. Only after receiving the necessary documents, high-quality products are delivered to the customer. This once again confirms the great experience and professionalism of the company «Univela Morocco», which offers export canned fish from Morocco.


Our advantage

If you trust our company, you can be sure of high service and loyalty. We differ from other suppliers of marine products due to the following advantages:

  1. Sales managers, who are professionals in their field, will do everything possible to meet the needs of the client in full.
  2. A wide catalog of delicious and high-quality products will allow any customer to choose the right product for any purpose and tasks.
  3. Transactions are supported by a contract. You will definitely not be overtaken by unexpected expenses, delivery delays and other various problems.
  4. All types of payment, including Bank cards, mobile transfers, cash and letters of credit, are offered by the reliable company «Univela Morocco».
  5. No matter what volume of goods you need, we will still offer the best price so that you can buy at the prices of large wholesalers.
  6. High product quality. We value our own reputation, so the range includes certified products.
  7. For regular loyal customers, we have regular discounts and promotions that will help you feel real support and work with masters.


We are always one step ahead of the competition. Because of this, we are trusted and chosen by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. During the year, we export more than ten thousand tons of our own products. And if you are thinking about where to order canned fish from Morocco, trust the professionals!


We always tell our new clients about the history of our development and bring them up to date. This makes us more loyal, so we are always on the same page with customers. Another advantage of «Univela Morocco» is the possibility of its own branding. If you need a large batch of goods, we will offer various packaging options using your personal brand or your company’s brand.