Frozen fish

Moroccan coastal waters are exceptionally rich with fish resources, the country takes Africa’s leading place in catching various kinds of fish.

Established mechanism of catching, processing and storage allows Morocco to be a reliable and year-round supplier of fresh frozen fish all year round at an affordable price.

Univela Morocco is a fish processing and supplying company, offering a wide range of frozen fish from Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania. Our main advantage is the careful selection of products and ensure compliance of customer requirements.

Quality is essential question for us. We control it, starting with the stage of raw materials arrival in the port, the subsequent sorting and freezing, ending up with the final inspection of the goods at loading facilities.
We carry out regular inspection of appearance, size, damage, weight, histamine content, consistency etc., thereby guaranteeing the unfailingly high quality to our customers.

We are really passionate about our business, which means that you can always expect an individual approach and efficient solutions to all questions. Our employees will assist you in the selection of identifying eligible products, consult on the quality assurance, payment options, delivery terms and much more.